Josh Mellinger

Multi-Instrumental Percussionist


An electrifying trio, StringQuake brings a new sound to today's world music scene. StringQuake's repertoire draws inspiration from the music traditions of the Americas, Greece, Africa, India, European classical, and the musical masters who have emerged from every corner of the globe. The groups unique instrumentation, original compositions, and dynamic arrangements give spice to their sound.


The Levoná Ensemble combines Flamenco, Arabic, Jewish, and other musical traditions, and weaves them together with stories, both ancient and new. Five master musicians create a rich tapestry that is at once a taste of the orient, and a new creation all on its own - the kind of energy that only comes when distant cultures overlap, and celebrate their differences.

Levoná began as the band for the highly acclaimed Bay Area musical “Love Sick”, winning the Theatre Bay Area Award for Best Ensemble along with the cast in 2017.

John Clarke Trio

The John Clarke trio performs original music by John H. Clarke, influenced by many Latin American and Spanish guitar traditions. The trio consists of Classical Guitar, Violin and Cajon.


Teslim is a quartet of Bay Area musicians dedicated to playing contemporary modal music inspired by Turkish classical and folk musics as well as traditional music from the Balkans.


Jovanger is a musical collaboration between CelloJoe (Joey Chang), Evan Fraser, and Josh Mellinger. Together they forge music that draws on musical traditions from all over the world .

Lucian Balmer

Lucian Kano Balmer has studied the violin for 20 years under Benjamin Spilman and Calvin Murasaki. Most notably, he has performed with award winning guitarist Shambhu Vineberg, and with sarod player Lisa Sangita Moskow. Currently, he is working on compositions with tabla player Josh Mellinger and studying vocals with renowned Hindustani vocalist, Shweta Jhaveri. When time allows, he also plays with the Mill Valley Philharmonic.