Josh Mellinger

Multi-Instrumental Percussionist

My Drums*




A traditional instrument of Peru, the Cajon has integrated itself into many musical styles throughout Latin America and even into modern pop music. I enjoy it for it's versatility of sounds and simple design. The Cajon can provide the same drive as a Drum Set, with a lighter sound. I perform Cajon with the John H. Clarke Trio, StringQuake and Mathew Stewart.


Frame Drum

This drum has been found in musical cultures all around the world from Asia to Europe. The Frame Drum is a very simple instrument with a round frame and single head. It has a very warm and pleasant sound, providing rhythm for both heavy and light styles of Music. I perform Frame Drum with StringQuake. 


Tabla is the accompanying instrument of Hindustani Classical Music, and has been adapted to be played in many forms of music. This drum is especially unique for the language that accompanies every stroke. The compositions for Tabla have been passed down for hundreds of years from Master to student. I play Tabla in multiple fusion groups including, StringQuake, GamelanX and with solo artist Lucian Balmer.


Drum Set

The Drum Set is a versatile instrument that can be used in almost any musical setting. I play Drum Set with Mathew Stewart; singer songwriter playing folk, americana and jazz style music.



A Tambourine originating from Brazil, the Pandeiro can be found in music cultures from all the regions of Brazil. It is a very versatile instrument providing both quiet accompaniment and driving heavy rhythms. It is a great substitute for drum set when playing with quieter instruments. I perform Pandeiro with Mathew Stewart



A Goblet shaped Arabic drum found in classical Arabic music and Belly Dance. It has two tones, high and low, that are used to create intricate dance rhythms. I perform Doumbek with StringQuake. 


Steel Pan

A chromatic instrument originating from the Caribbean typically used for calypso and reggae music. It has been adapted into other musical genres including pop and jazz. It's bright metallic tones are soothing and transport listeners to sandy beaches and warm blue tropical waters. 



An Arabic Tambourine utilized in classical Arabic music and Belly Dance. It has a very unique technique using both the head and jingles on the side. The Riq has a very wide dynamic range from very light and delicate, to loud and heavy cutting through large ensembles. 



A traditional Persian instrument used in Persian Classical and Sufi music. It's single head provides a world of sounds with the many techniques employed to play it. It has a very deep warm sound and is typically played with many grace notes. 

*Instruments are not drawn to scale!